What is F-60?


F-60 is Fit-Hub Letterkenny’s own brand of class, functional (F) training for 60 minutes (60). Fit-Hub is the most well-equipped facility in the region which allows for each week of classes to bring something totally new, the movements are kept fresh and performed at different intensities, which helps keep the classes fun, engaging & effective.


F-60 is a beginner level class, however, you the client make the class as intense as you like.


The coaches at Fit-Hub Letterkenny do just that…. coach! They are not here to shout motivational quotes at the members while they aimlessly slog away, instead they help motivate you to perform movements at the right intensity for you & with perfect mechanics.


A typical class begins with a dynamic warm-up, proper demonstration of the movements involved in the first half of the class (note this changes week on week). We use bodyweight, dumbbell’s, kettle-bells, barbells, sleds, sandbags, battle ropes, TRX, rowers, assault bikes, ski ergs surrounded by 20m areas of Astro-turf.


The second half of each class gives each client the chance to test themselves (individually & in teams) against the workout of the week, a simple yet effective conditioning element that allows you to measure your progress.

How Do I Start?


If you are interested in giving F-60 a try for yourself we offer each new client the chance to experience F-60 for the first time for FREE with an intro class, go to the home page on our website and click on “Try a Free Class” option and fill in your details, we will take care of the rest.


We also understand how intimidating it can be to join a new class, for this reason we cap each class with a maximum number to ensure each coach knows each client and their strength & weaknesses.


This enables them to recognise new members, integrate them safely into the class environment and help guide them around the class for maximum effectiveness & enjoyment.


Single Credit/Drop In:


8 Credits:


12 Credits:


Unlimited ALL Classes: