Personal Training

Here at Fit-Hub HQ we believe our training methods & coaching are of the very highest standard. We adopt the most professional coaching attitude in both our classes & one to one coaching. We believe strength should be the foundation of each training program as there are no weaknesses in strength. A prerequisite for all of our coaches is an honours degree in sports science, sport studies, strength & conditioning or a related science field. This ensures that coaches have the ability to critically evaluate the science behind each training method and allows them to form educated opinions on the best training for their clients.

Our coaches believe a well-structured program/session should take into account training, lifestyle factors, age, gender, ability and willingness to strive for better. You will not find pictures of our coaches on social media platforms shirtless and preaching about the latest in training methods or supplementation, nor will you find endless before and after pictures of their transformation clients.

So What Do You Get?

A well-educated, professional and extremely experienced individual who aims to help you reach your goal in a reliable, fun and proven fashion. Our coaches are on hand to provide one to one coaching, small group training, sport specific programming & gym training programs. Whether your goal is to simply improve fitness, lose a little body fat, get stronger or even become an Olympic weightlifter, we have coaches that are proficient in all aspects of training.

How Much Does it Cost?

We see great value in our coaches and hold their training methods in the highest regard so you won’t find them offering 30 minute & 60 minute sessions at ludicrously low prices. Instead, you will find each 1 hour session takes at least 2 hours of preparation, includes nutrition programming specifically for you and training in the best facility in the region. Prices per hour begin at €40, however clients who bulk buy their sessions in advance can avail of offers from their coach.

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