We understand nutrition extremely well here at Fit-Hub Letterkenny. Our owner, director & head coach Neil Barrett MSc. is a Master’s degree qualified nutritionist & is also a part-time lecturer in nutrition & sports nutrition.
Our nutrition program is based on solid scientific evidence & we use a change of behaviour approach to get proven, lasting results.

We do not follow fads or gimmicks, instead our team of nutritionists develop real food plans that are the blueprint to long lasting, sustainable results. We have many different programs, to suit all budgets.

We believe that so much more can be achieved when you dial into your nutritional requirements when training and therefore everyone at Fit-Hub is entitled to a FREE 7 day nutritional program.

We also believe that all nutrition should be dealt with on a one to one basis. For this reason we have developed a 28 day nutrition plan (14 training days & 14 non-training days) that is gender, age, height & weight specific for members & non-members at a small cost. These nutrition plans are delivered one to one in a weekly clinic here at Fit-Hub & each member will have a full consultation, body composition analysis & on-going help with adjusting to their new eating habits.

For those individuals who require a little more help over longer periods of time (12+ weeks), we also have very specific nutrition programs that take all of your lifestyle factors into account (work, sleep, training, recovery, illness). These programs are constantly adapted as each client makes progress, which ensures the client always keeps making progress.

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Female 55kg-60kg
Female 60kg-65kg
Female 65kg-70kg
Female 70kg-75kg
Female 75kg-80kg
Female 85kg+
Male 70kg-75kg
Male 75kg-80kg
Male 80kg-85kg
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