What is BODYPUMP™?

BODYPUMP™ is a barbell workout for anyone looking to get lean and toned. We categorise BODYPUMP™ as an entry level class that can be made more advanced by adding heavier weights over weeks and months.

It is a low impact resistance training class that utilises light to moderate barbells to help increase lean muscle mass. This class runs for anything from 45min to 60min and is delivered in a very upbeat and fun training environment.

How Do I Start?

If you are interested in giving BODYPUMP™ a try for yourself we offer each new client the chance to experience the class for the first time for FREE with an intro class, go to the timetable on our website and click on “Try a Free Class” option and follow the steps from there.

We also understand how intimidating it can be to join a new class, for this reason we cap each class with a maximum number of people to ensure each coach knows each client and their strength & weaknesses.

This enables them to recognise new members, integrate them safely into the class environment and help guide them around the class for maximum effectiveness & enjoyment.


Single Credit/Drop In


4 Credits


8 Credits


Unlimited ALL Classes


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